As a novice to software development, Full Stack Stack Node.js Part 2 was certainly a lot to take on. The second screencast covered the following topics:

  • Build a model to access the Redis database
  • Write simple unit tests
  • Use namespaced routes to organize URLs and code
  • Write view helper methods to consolidate logic
  • Protect routes for administrative access
  • Use and write middleware
  • Use metaprogramming to build a state machine
  • Bundle client-side assets
  • Send events to a client with
  • In particular I was a little tripped up while debugging; this happened for a couple reasons:

As of this blog post, because CoffeeScript is compiling to Javascript, it reporting line numbers with errors are inaccurate. The line numbers are reflecting bugs in the compiled Javascript code, which isn’t very helpful. While I had a general idea where the bugs where, having exact line numbers would have been helpful.

I am still learning where specific code goes in terms of controllers, models, helpers, etc.

I plan on reviewing this screencast again, after I am more comfortable with using CoffeeScript and Jade.