Big Screens is a class that focuses on creating an interactive video installation that makes use of the video wall at the IAC Building. The video wall is 12 feet high and 120 feet long. The class is taught by Dan Shiffman. Class time is divided between independent project development, critique, technical demonstrations, and field trips to IAC to test our projects. The projects are presented at IAC in early November.

I am working with Oya Kosebay to create Terra Nova, an interactive landscape that responds to audience text messages. “Gnomes” are controlled via text message to congregate at specific locations, and building structures. We plan on using Illustrator and After Effects for pre-rendered video work, Java/Processing for the software elements of the installation, and Asterisk for telephony programming.

Thus far, we have created a storyboard for our idea. Over the coming weeks we are building an initial prototype to test at IAC.

You can view previous Big Screens projects here.