Data Representation is a class geared towards information architecture and data visualization. Furthermore:

In this course, we explore traditional analysis and visualization techniques, alongside novel strategies and exploratory methods. We build tools to navigate through huge data sets, and will learn how to represent data in visual, audial, and physical form. Students work in Processing to design and build their own unique data representation projects.

This term’s Data Rep class will be heavily influenced by the 2012 presidential election. One of our introductory assignments is to select two infographics about 2008 presidential election that we liked.

These infographics gives a relatively easy understanding of the various stats for the 2008 election through simple graphic elements, an easy to read typeface, and good use of negative space. The graphics are uncluttered, allowing the viewer to scan the information without feeling overloaded.

2008 Election Fundraising Infographics

Obama/McCain Article References