Our Reading and Writing Electronic Text Midterm projects consists of two steps:

  • Devise a new poetic form.
  • Create a computer program that generates texts that conform to new poetic form you devised.

Initially I wanted to create a haiku generator. Unfortunately there are not a lot of online resources dedicated to breaking english words down by syllable. Instead, I settled on a poem generator.

The python script scrapes a random word generator at Vocubula.com, where it gets the word and the word’s part of speech. From there I organize the words according to parts of speech inside a dictionary, where the part of speech is the key, and the values are lists filled with the words.

I also scraped a list of prepositions to insert into the poem structure.

The poem structure itself is four lines, and each line is a simple sentence structure.

The poem generator has created works such as:

cacography popple incunabulum through the exuviae nympholepsy versus ensorcell skeuomorph inhere subfusc triumphalism cosmography disabuse by means of gourmand


detritus perambulate bacronym against the caducity Weltschmerz in front of enucleate suborner notional soi-disant succedaneum zoophyte embay modulo gourmandise

And finally:

quatopygia straiten menology neath the anonym incubus left of transude quiddity perambulate chthonic juvenilia maenad ameliorate above zenana

The output reads like a Harry Potter spell. While it’s not very impressive, perhaps there are more variations in the line structure to investigate.

The code is available here: Github.