After extending my time at Recurse Center for an additional six weeks, last week was my final week.

While I am ready to move on to my next adventure, RC was (and will continue to be) instrumental to bettering myself as a software developer. I spent a lot of time reviewing algorithms and data structures, sitting in on talks about topics that I opened my eyes to new concepts and ideas, and just hanging out with many smart, talented individuals. Yes, I will miss this.

The good news is RC doesn’t really end. As one of the faculty put it during my closing ceremony, and I’m paraphrasing here - “RC is a three month on-boarding process and life long membership.” This runs in tandem with RC’s never graduate ethos. There are alumni nights, talks, along with other events that crop up at RC, and I’m excited to continue to participate.

For now, I will be doing interview prep (!); that means finally opening Cracking the Code Interview and working practice problems, along with doing mock whiteboarding at RC, and playing with some new frameworks and libraries.